Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant And Effective

Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant And Effective

With the continuous and fast evolution and innovation in the dynamic world of marketing, many would surely be left behind. Traditional marketing is having a hard time keeping pace with other ways and trends. But there is one way that seems to never get ineffective — Email Marketing.

The email has been the classic communication medium for so many people around the world since its inception in the 70s. With about 2.5 billion people or 34% percent of the world population, that’s how popular email is. In the digital era who doesn’t have an email, right? Especially if every social media or any activity on the Internet requires at least one.

Even businessmen and strategists would still swear on its effectivity and relevance for numerous reasons.

Here are the top reasons:

1. It’s Personal

With the noise of marketing talk at almost everywhere you go, it is no secret that consumers crave something that is personal, something that is tailored especially for them and their needs. Email marketing is effective in delivering your message in a personalized manner.

The consumer would perceive you as someone who truly cares about their needs and wants.

Also, you can personalize it in accordance with the customers' past preferences and buying behavior. Through that, you can easily influence his/her decision making.

2. Surprisingly, Consumers Prefer Email Compared To Other SocMed Platforms

Sure, Facebook and Twitter are two top platforms to place your ads or marketing message but do you know that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter (according to McKinsey) in terms of acquiring new customers? It is because not all of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers see your posts or tweets. Only 2% of your Facebook followers see it, while an emailed message is seen by 90% of the receivers.

Additionally, a study from Marketing Sherpa concluded that 72% of prospects prefer receiving promotional messages via email.

And if you ask yourself, which is a more professional approach? Exactly.

3. It Is A Highly Versatile And Customizable Platform

Mostly, email is just plain text. But keep in mind that business people have no time for lengthy emails. So marketers may include photos, infographics or files.

It is versatile in a way that email can contain different forms of marketing materials and is customizable because you can alter its content suited to buyer behavior.

4. C'mon, It's Direct and Cheap

The last thing a business would want is a costly strategy with no assurance on its outcome. With email marketing, all you need is a desktop computer or a laptop or even a smartphone and an internet connection to deliver your message.

No more costly print materials or expensive fees for graphics. All you need is confidence and a persuasive message.

5. An Effective Way To Drive More Return On Investment

And since it’s cheap, it can drive huge ROI for the company.

It is said that email marketing produces 3,800% ROI for every dollar spent.

According to Campaign Monitor, the average click-through rate of email campaign is around 3% while a tweet is estimated at 0.5%.

Most marketers are focused on driving a larger ROI in the company since it is truly their end goal while they are doing various types of marketing on different platforms.

6. Adaptability on Mobile

Let’s admit it, we’re already dependent on our smartphones.

Email marketing did not fail to adapt to this change. According to IDC and Facebook’s “Always Connected”, email topped the list of the most popular activities in smartphones, with web browsing and Facebook only at second and third.

Indeed, with numerous internet and mobile activities, email remains relevant.

One can't deny that email still works and still remains at the priority list of strategies. Because of its adaptability and versatility, backed up with relevant data, the email will remain effective and relevant to business when it comes to marketing and branding.

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