What Your Logo Says About You?

What Your Logo Says About You?

        Your logo visualizes your company, its culture and values. You may be surprised but your logo may affect your customer’s purchasing behavior. Color palette choice, fonts and shapes influence consumer judgements thus affect buying decisions - reason why it should take time and research to make one.

Choosing the Right Color

        Ever wonder why Starbucks’ logo is colored green and most fast food chain logos, red? You might want to explore these basic color palettes and the impression it represents:

RED - Red knowingly symbolizes strength and boldness. It is the first color used by artists of the Stone Age era after discovering red ochre. Romans value Red as a dye for clothing, hair, makeup and painting and was also previously used in inscriptions. Red ignites wide mixed of feeling, from love and passion to fear and belligerence.

BLUE Blue is a cold color. As surveys declare, 42% of men say blue is their favorite color same with 30% females. It is also said to be the best color for trustworthy brands. It illuminates feelings of trust, security and reliability that is why Blue is advisable to be used by companies with operations related to banking, food and hygiene products and electronics manufacturing.

YELLOW Yellow is considered the brightest of the visible spectrum, the most-attention grabbing pigment, reason why such color is advisable to be applied on logos. Yellow signifies happiness, optimism and homey atmosphere. If your aim is to communicate joy, yellow could be the best logo color. Successful companies with yellow as their logo color are: Nikon, Ferrari and Snapchat.

GREEN - Green signifies nature, freshness and lifestyle. Green is known to alleviate nervousness and fear. Brands with Green logos are Spotify, Starbucks and Animal Planet.

ORANGE - Orange communicates activity and energy. It represents youthfulness, creativity and adventures. It also stimulates appetite that’s why such color is used by most food and beverage companies.

The Meaning of Logo Shapes

        It simply doesn’t end in colors, you can be defined by your customers through logo shapes, too. Customers can tell if you are artistic, serious or traditional through logo shapes.

CIRCULAR/ ELLIPTICAL- Usually known to express positivity and gentleness. Commonly suggests relationship, friendship and community. It also signifies marriage, partnerships and inclusivity.

SQUARES AND TRIANGLES- Suggests stability and balance. Straight lines visible in these shapes show strength, respectability and coherence. Triangles are suggested to convey power, religion, science, aggression and law.


        With proper use of logo shapes and color, you may be able to deliver your company’s message successfully to your consumers and wider public. Full comprehension of logo psychology is an essential element in creating powerful brands through visuals.

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