Using Colors in Business

Using Colors in Business

        Design is everywhere. In business, the moment you enter the company’s office, you would see their logo (which symbolizes their identity), employees’ uniform, interior design and a lot more. Its impact on customers is very important since it is visual and much easier to comprehend. Good design increases one’s credibility, authority, and competence.

        Designs could vary from shapes and lines of a company logo, user experience design, and symbols of a website to the structure of the uniform and its functionality. But it will not be complete without the proper and perfect color in it. Colors play a vital role in strengthening the effect of design and its purpose. There’s what we call Psychology of Colors, and entrepreneurs and marketers have been taking advantage of it to maximize profits.

        But each color varies on effects and must be used properly. Here’s a mini-guide on when to use different colors:


        If you’re in the food industry, you might want to use the color red. This color encourages appetite and stimulates the human body. It causes urgency to anyone who can see it that’s why it is used in clearance sales.


        If you want to build trust with your customers, use blue. It may encourage indirect sales and make loyal customers. It is preferred by men and used mostly in offices of corporate brands.


        When you think of nature, we visualize green. It is a peaceful color that is associated with health, tranquility, and nature. If you’re in an industry where you prioritize customer satisfaction and relaxation, use it. Bonus, it is often said that green is the color of money and thus attracting wealth.


        Prestige and royalty are a symbol of competence and quality. Purple stimulates creativity. If you want your brand to be seen as wise and imaginative, purple shall be your color.


        This color makes everyone feel cheerful. It also shows confidence and friendliness. If you’re dealing more with sales, you might want to use the color orange.


        Yellow is often associated with optimism clarity and warmth. This should be partnered with other colors because too much yellow may suggest impatience and cowardice.


        This may look a blank space most of the time, but the white shows purity and innocence. It encourages minimalism and at the same time completion. If you’re in the beauty industry, the white color can help you.


        Black shows sophistication. It is often used to encourage stability and authority. It also inflicts mystery so your customers will be intrigued if your materials are mostly black.

        Now, don’t pressure your in-house or outsourced graphics designer on creating materials with extreme colors. Balance is still important in creating those. Still, branding and consistency should not be sacrificed on maximizing the use of these colors.

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