Understanding the Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Understanding the Role of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing has grown from just being an advertising medium now becoming one of the most effective factors towards brand development. All of us are consumers, and companies must take advantage of the fact that huge percentage of its consumers can now be reached online.

An American corporate magnate once proclaimed, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. People of today prefer to view the list of what you can offer online, customers wont trust your business if you don’t have a website, your online presence builds credibility. it strengthens your brand and helps you survive.

Social Networks like Facebook and Instagram provides opportunities for businesses to increase exposure to direct and new market in real time. With just one click, your story can be published and go viral. You can also find people who are already talking and looking for your service. Customers prefer to contact a company through messaging its social media account than on the telephone. Hearing customer feedback will be as easy as social media platforms provide tools that gives each user a voice that can affect your image, either to oppose or support your brand and responding to such feedback and resolving mishaps can now be done even in minutes.

63% of businesses have already started Video Marketing as it builds trust which boosts conversion and sales. People visit your page because they are interested, entertained, inadvertently exposing them to your product. Plus, Google allows you to appear 53 times more likely on search results if you have videos on your website.

Blogs are also essential part of an effective digital marketing strategy. If executed correctly, this will drive traffic, generate fresh leads and nurture them. Providing substantial contents will leave your visitors an idea of the type of the company you are and what you can offer. Blogs can also answer questions and offer real and elaborated solutions.

Your customer’s social media accounts won’t exist without email addresses. Fortunately, you can count on those email addresses as an opportunity to still reach out to them even after they’ve logged out of social media. One of the ways to communicate is email marketing. Here, readership is reliant to the language, the subject and the visual content of the email itself.

You can also help search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing recognize your website and put you on a higher rank in the search results. Thanks to Search Engine Marketing, (SEM) it is associated with submitting and positioning your website to increase visibility and drive traffic with the help of search engines.

The fast-shifting technological status of today’s phase offers vast possibilities for businesses to work on their brand identity. There already are existing digital tools developed to generate profit without releasing massive costs. Digital Marketing illuminates opportunities for companies to bring in new clients. 

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