Tips On Choosing The Right And The Best Creative Partner

Tips On Choosing The Right And The Best Creative Partner

The creative needs of a company are dynamic. And it is totally fine if you do not still have anyone to handle the tasks. You can look for a partner and outsource their service in the Philippines.

But with countless creative agencies out there, how will you know if they are the right and the best creative outsourcing partner?

1. Identify Your Needs and Set Your Objectives First

Even in the five main management functions, planning is the first step. It is important to fully understand what you need to avoid overspending or being hooked to a package or service you don’t really need.

What do you need? Is it design for your next product? A company video? A flyer? A website? What do you want to achieve? What is it for? What would be its expected outcome? These are few questions that when answered will benefit both parties.

As they always say, “ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

2. Discover Their Specialization and Technical Knowledge

Though there are a lot of creative agencies and creative process outsourcing companies out there, they still differ in their field of specialization. Their forte ranges from branding, content creation, to website or design. Or some established agencies can do everything for you.

The first step could be just scrolling down through their website and examining what could be the nature of their works in the past. Through this, you can have a hunch on where they excel the most.

You can also compare their knowledge to popular and established institutions when it comes to technical capabilities.

3. Review their ‘Portfolio’ or Ask For It

Some creative agencies or creative process outsourcing companies already have their portfolio on their websites. Some love to brag about it. Who wouldn’t, right? Especially, if they are confident enough with the quality of their works.

On the other hand, you would need to ask or inquire about it and they would send everything you need—portfolio, packages, advantages and some notes on branding.

Scrutinizing their portfolio will give you a clue on the quality of their works, their tone, approach, things like that. Those will be crucial to your decision-making process.

4. Ask About Their Equipment And The Process

Of course! Most of the time (if not always) modern equipment, from hardware to software, have an advantage. You could check if that agency uses the latest master/creative suite in Adobe or Final Cut Pro.

You should be curious about their process. Through this, you can always track their activities and accomplishments so you can assure that they really prioritize working for you.

5. Find Reviews, Testimonials, References and their Social Media

The best feedback comes from real people. Find out reviews and hear what other people say about them. It would help paint a picture of how they do as a team.

Testimonials are also powerful when it comes to convincing target customers. Also, don’t miss scrolling through their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Check out if they are active in creating content and if it is all updated and coordinated. A good creative agency or creative process outsourcing company build its brand through these platforms. And it could also be a test of their reliability and such.

6. Do You Have The Same Voice?

The right and the best agency is not just your co-worker but also a partner on building your brand. There are too much at risk.

It is important that you have (if not totally, but there are similarities) the same voice. In terms of culture and compatibility, you must be able to relate with this partner and align your own corporate values.

We are not looking for the exact voice, but just find that ‘spark’. That instinct will lead you to an unforgettable partnership.

Looking for the best and the right creative partner is a tedious task itself. But you have to do it carefully because it is your business that is at stake. Let us talk about it, connect with us at

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