Tips and Techniques for a More Effective E-commerce Web Design

Tips and Techniques for a More Effective E-commerce Web Design

        In the visual aspect, physical stores have more advantage than online ones as customers can view, touch and feel the actual product. This is the challenge that E-commerce website has to face, developing your e-commerce website with visual content that competes with physical store competition. Follow these tips and techniques and expect conversion from your e-commerce website in no time:

1.       User experience is the key. Even a single element on your website may affect each of your consumer’s decision to purchase. From product images, content, website’s adaptability to user devices- these, if developed and applied correctly may turn your website visitors as customers and if you’re doing it right, leads your way to consumer loyalty.

2.       Minimalist designs are now taking over. “Less is More” perhaps a cliché but a phrase you’ll definitely must take note of. Consumers are now a huge fan of minimalist designs. Simplified designs are now rated to be more appealing than complex ones and is found out to be more pleasant and inviting to the eyes of the user. Consider removing distracting contents as this may chase away your potential customers.

3.       Use Quality Images. Photos of high-quality gives your brand more credibility. Choose the right equipment. Make sure your professional camera has interchangeable lenses so you can do tricks and capture variety of shots.

4.       Honesty is still and will always be the best policy. Included in this is transparency in pricing, product images and policies. Be sure to cite an honest pricing of products you are selling. Avoid hiding or making any information difficult for visitors to find out. Make purchase and shipping fees and policies direct and clear, posting your payment policies late may lead to higher rate of cart abandonment.

5.       Make your Add to Cart button obvious. (But not too much!) Use color and contrast to make your Add to Cart button stand out. The best colors to use are those that contrast to your website’s background and color scheme. Also, make sure your button is large enough and noticeable (doesn’t mean you’ll take half of the page!) so users will be encouraged to click.

6.       Contact information accuracy and visibility. Aside from the Add to Cart button, the most crucial element in every e-commerce website is the contact information. Note that this has to be kept accurate and updated when necessary. This, same as with the element discussed in point 5 shall be visible at all times. Making your contact information visible gives your customers an avenue to reach you out and gives your company the opportunity to communicate and engage.

7.       Include ratings, reviews and testimonials. Reviews are now as important as personal recommendations. Customers are more likely to purchase products and services to those that are with pleasant reviews and ratings. Consumer opinions reflect company honesty and credibility, making users feel that they are being listened to and that you are embracing openness.  Reviews and opinions from existing customers enable opportunities for potential customers to get an idea of the kind of service you provide.

              With these tips and techniques applied, Virtuoso Creative Solutions is here to help you give your customers the best online shopping experience and generate more sales. Contact us today,

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