The World of Digital Marketing: Notes on Landing Page

The World of Digital Marketing: Notes on Landing Page

1. In the world of Digital Marketing, a landing page is a mini and a specific website where customers “land” after clicking the link [mostly posted in social media account or email] of a particular campaign for a product or service. This is where the customers actually either purchase, sign up, subscribe, register or decide to give out their information or concern to the company.

2. A landing page has one main objective, and that is to call to action. Its laser-like focus is to turn the website traffic into actual sales or lead.

3. Marketers can also use Newsletters, Discount Coupons, Podcasts and such to make it more attractive to customers on getting leads. These are usually promised by the marketers after getting the information from the customers on the landing page. Examples are those “Subscribe to our Newsletter and get a 25% discount on your first purchase.” and when customers do, the landing page already succeeded in their main objective.

4. The thing with having a website is that it has a lot of options and information, so many links and buttons and tabs and such. A landing page is focused on a specific product so the information, though limited, is more distinct and concise. Through this, it is more likely to convert the traffic or the website visit into an actual lead and apparently sales rather than confusing and overwhelming visitors with so much information on the website. This is actually the point of having a landing page because having loads of traffic doesn’t mean they will actually make a purchase.

5. Another purpose of the landing page is to collect the demographics of the customers that give a further understanding of the market of their business. The gathered information may be incorporated into the strategy to make it more appealing and effective.

6. Also, the landing page is an important tool for determining the right market. Ever experience having increased website traffic but none of them are converting to sales? Maybe you’re targeting the wrong audience.

7. According to MarketingSherpa, 67% of medium-sized companies use a landing page. Also from the same source, a lot of marketers and/or marketing departments still don’t use a landing page and their number one reason is that they don’t know how to set it up.

8. In reality, digital marketing has already a volume of players and the internet is already suffocated with too much information. Also, the average human attention span is getting shorter and shorter. A landing page is actually the answer to this crisis, offering a much more focused and personalized page for future prospects.

9. Some landing pages offer a free consultation or design test, and this is also an effective strategy in turning a lead into actual sales.

10. The call-to-action button is one of the most important parts of the landing page as this is where the prospect submits their name and other confidential information for either the promised newsletter or podcast or discount (and such) or the purchase or inquiry itself.

11. After the prospect or the customer’s experience in giving out information or making a purchase on the landing page, it should be followed by a Thank You page that also serves as an acknowledgment receipt of the order or the inquiry. Here are the samples;

Landing page

Thank You page

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