The Top Typefaces of 2020

The Top Typefaces of 2020

Good news for designers! This year, we’re going to see a lot of diverse selection in the current trends of typeface and font world. No need to worry if your favorite font is on the verge of being outdated, because the design world will definitely give a space to almost everyone.

Serving you now is the list of top six typefaces you’ll never regret using.

1. Helvetica Now If you ask a designer what is their go-to typeface, they’d probably say Helvetica. This typeface is just arguably one of the best. With its simple and clean appearance, it can be used in print and digital with the perfect balance of style and professionalism.
“Helvetica Now opens up new perspectives for design because it offers significantly expanded scope in terms of both functionality and form.”- Markus Hanzer, Designer

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Helvetica Now
Helvetica Now by Monotype

2. Avenir Next Pro This typeface has been huge in 2019 and has been maintaining its momentum this year. Akira Kobayashi worked alongside Avenir’s original creator, Adrian Frutiger, to create this new font. It is straightforward, clean and has a range of fonts that can really fight with other sans family.

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Avenir Next Pro

3. Panama Panama is the dark horse in this list. It was launched back in 2017 but we’re seeing its fonts making an appearance on various occasions. This could really be a hit this year.

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Panama

4. Recoleta If you have an eye for vintage stuff, you probably have encountered Recoleta. It draws inspiration from classic typefaces in the 70s, Cooper and Windsor. Light weights fit the body text and the heavy ones are recommended for high impact headlines. This can definitely elevate the look of your logo or business card. Also, it’s perfect for businesses or organizations that deal with food and beverage like coffee companies and the like.

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Recoleta
Recoleta by Latinotype

5. Untitled Sans With so much information circulating, the audience can be bombarded by [great] designs and the last thing they would want is to be distracted by the typeface used. So, sometimes delivering the message plain and simple is the best way to go.

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Untitled Sans

6. Visuelt Visuelt was originally made for a design conference and competition in Oslo (National Norwegian Design Awards). Its designer Colophon said that this is the “more considered and constrained version” of Aperçu.

The Top Typefaces of 2020 - Visuelt
Visuelt by Colophon

But, we all know design outputs also work with different fonts and typefaces at the same time (maximum of only 3) with the right pairing. For now, all the typefaces mentioned above have their own unique personalities, if you may, and will definitely work depending on the message of the material. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never go wrong using one of these this year.

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