The Role of Typography in Graphic Design

The Role of Typography in Graphic Design

The purpose of graphic design is to compel viewers to understand the content of the message portrayed in the visuals. Good graphic design has the right balance and proportion of content and visuals. Sometimes, it could all just be figures and image but most of the time it plays and harmonizes with the words or the content. And that’s where the essence of typography enters the picture (pun intended).

“Typography is, quite simply the art and technique of arranging typeface.” ( Now, you may ask what a typeface is. This where the confusion comes in. People often interchange ‘font’ and ‘typeface’. To end this, the font is just a part of the typeface. For example; Times New Roman is a Typeface and the variations of TNR to bold, italic, and such is what you should call Font. Think typeface as a novel and the fonts are its chapters.

More than the type’s aesthetic value, it plays an important role in creating visuals more compelling and engaging to its viewers.


No matter how beautiful the graphic design is, if the type is not keeping up to visual elements, it will destroy the whole material. Often, the primary goal of having a clean type is to develop the message/content (in terms of its appearance) towards its quintessential readability. How can typography deliver the message in the fastest and most effective manner? And how can it sustain the attention the viewer has given to the material?

Evoking the Right Emotion

Since typography is also an art, it is also expected to kindle a certain feeling. Good type is measured by its ability to evoke the right emotion. It is not enough to feel something after seeing and reading the type, the emotion should match the message the content is trying to deliver. Those waves, angles, negative spaces, and alignment are not just meant to please your eyes, but this collective effort is trying to reach your core, and in business, your decision-making.

It also plays a role in making the brand memorable. Remember that particular brand that has its own trademark typeface; Coca Cola, Starbucks, and even the type used for the content of the music app Spotify? When you use the same typeface in other material or brand, you’d instantly recognize it. That’s how graphic design builds a corporate identity (which we’ll talk about in another blog).

The Role of Typography in Graphic Design


As good type makes the graphic design maximize its effectivity, it could also be a reason for the graphic design to bite the dust and when translated to business is a tragic loss or a damaged reputation.

Mastering this art makes one step ahead in the field of graphic design as it also affects our psyche, how we unconsciously receive a material (as proven by research) and our physical health (talk about how bad typography causes eye fatigue and eye strain).

Typography is expected to be one of the trends in 2020. We will be seeing a lot of this art as typography is considered one solid brick or a crucial piece to be supplemented in creating one effective material or graphic design.

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