The Many Faces of a Brand and The Logo System

The Many Faces of a Brand and The Logo System

Just like people who have display pictures on their social media account, companies as an entity also need one. They need a face, a visual representation of who they are for the people to remember them. And that is in the form of a business logo.

“A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, symbol or stylized name used to identify a company, organization, product, or brand. It may take the form of an abstract or figurative design, or it may present as a stylized version of the company’s name if it has sufficient brand recognition. Logos have become an integral part of a company’s brand identities. A widely and instantly recognized logo is a valuable intangible asset for a corporation and is thus trademarked for intellectual property protection, in the majority of situations.” (

Now, there are basically three types of logos. First is the wordmark. This is actually the easiest and the most popular among the other types. It is just the name of the brand or the company itself designed with different typography. Look at the logo of Coca Cola and Google.

The second is pictorial. it‘s basically a picture, what it shows is the brand or the company. A popular example is the logo of Apple which shows a bitten apple. Please note that pictorial logos can also be direct and indirect with what it shows.

Lastly, abstract iconography. It is a combination of icons with not being direct with what it symbolizes, as the logos of Pepsi and Nike. This is what most of us like that whenever a graphic designer was asked to do a logo, we always expect that they will do an abstract iconography type of logo.

But wait there’s more. What if I want to incorporate every type of logo in my brand? Well, that’s actually possible. Enter, the logo system.

The Many Faces of a Brand and The Logo System

MTV probably is the most popular brand that uses the logo system. As you can see, the basics of their logo were still there but as time goes by, it changes its aesthetics. The logo system is an effective way of delivering a particular message relevant to a certain time. It acts as a graphical framework that is reactive to current situations of the society . It could be a promotion, a current issue or even a holiday or season.

The Many Faces of a Brand and The Logo System

You might overlook this but Google always does this through their system called Google Doodle. This is usually used to commemorate something or pay homage to a person, raise awareness or deliver important information.

The logo system is one way to show to your audiences how versatile you are by being relevant and adapting to changes in our society. It is a channel to communicate with the audiences that you, as a brand, can deliver a message beyond what is expected of you.

But is it for all? The logo system is a long rigorous process of constantly conceptualizing ideas for the next logo and creation of it. It will surely cost a lot and is not sustainable for small businesses.

To be able to respond especially to current events requires a lot of speed in terms of planning and execution. But if your brand wants to take it to the next level and be as dynamic as Google and MTV, we can definitely help you with that. Virtuoso Creative Solutions is more than ready and equipped to take your brand into another level. Write to us at so we can start your logo system or any design project you have in mind!

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