Storytelling in Marketing: Why Is It So Effective?

Storytelling in Marketing: Why Is It So Effective?

In a world where customers’ attention is the most expensive commodity, marketers do everything to buy that. Their currency? Stories. Effective stories.

Storytelling in Marketing is a strategy where marketers use effective stories to introduce and shape the company’s brand, to sell a service or products, or to form a community with loyal members in the pool of their target customers.

Since we have been telling stories since the beginning of time and now that we have unlimited platforms to do, it is so much easier. When marketers present a story, they can use visuals to make it more effective.

How’s it effective? It’s no secret that using visuals actually delivers 180 percent more engagements or 150 more retweets way better than just text. This phenomenon is called the Picture Superiority Effect. But it’s more than that.

Traditional ways of marketing usually include mere facts, statistics, figures and such. For most customers, it may seem boring and uncreative. Storytelling is effective because creatives are trying to connect these facts and information to form a story and a set of emotions that will be easier for the target audience to absorb and comprehend. Fun fact: Stories are 22 times more memorable than just facts. Also, research says we retain 70% of information through stories and only 10% in facts.

An effective story means knowing your customers on a deeper level. Concepts and ideas shall be based on your customers more than the product itself. Once the customers see themselves on the picture you are trying to portray, they will dive in more on your content, thus getting their attention. Also, knowing them will give you the right ideas of what attracts them more and not. Relativity is one of the keys to the success of storytelling in marketing.

People have a natural interest in stories/drama. As mentioned above, we have been consuming stories since we were little. Most of these stories are passed orally, and some are through books, media like TV and such. Remember when your parents tell you a story before you sleep? Stories have already been part of human culture, and it is a way of forming genuine connections within the community.

Through stories, it makes the brand an ‘entity’. It is no longer faceless because it now has its own characteristics and somehow, emotions (through stories) that make people easier to connect with and appreciate the brand. In this digital age, people crave genuineness.

Emotions. This is what humans have that made superior to other living creatures. We are all emotional creatures and we make decisions based on our feelings. An effective story will successfully evoke an emotion that can influence the decision making and thought-process of a person. Remember the last time you shed a tear because of a heartfelt commercial? Exactly.

Storytelling is an art. With the volume of ideas that can cause inspiration to creatives, it is a matter of standing out and being unforgettable. Leaving a mark to target customers is the ultimate goal of storytelling in marketing more than reaching the target sale or profit. Wanna know more? Contact us at

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