Push And Pull Strategy in Design Business: The Push Strategy

Push And Pull Strategy in Design Business: The Push Strategy

Experts argue that there are only two types of marketing strategies out there. The push and the pull. These two almost encompass all the tactics marketers use on selling their products and/or services. Their difference — how they approach customers.

Today, we will focus on the push strategy and how design businesses use it to sell their services.

Let’s start with a simplified definition. Push strategy, from the word itself ‘push’, is a promotional strategy that attempts to push the product/service to the customers. It only means that we take the product to the consumer.


Push marketing strategies are showrooms, where businesses are trying to display their products and merchandise.

Also, imagine yourself inside a grocery store. In this setting, products are being ‘pushed’ to you. Also, having discounts is also a good way to do this strategy.

Face-to-face sales is one classic example of push marketing. The way marketers convince you to buy their products is considered a ‘push’.

In digital marketing, cold emailing is one way of push marketing strategy. Through this, you are reaching out to customers whom you think will have an interest in what you offer.

Please note that this concept is general and can be translated in other ways as long as it adheres to the logic of push marketing strategy.


In a traditional way, having an attractive packaging of your product is one way to push your product to the customer’s memory for them to have increased brand awareness. We all know that one brand with fancy packaging or logo or text to its product. It’s proof that this brand is trying to hook people and catch their attention. Through this, they will be more aware that you exist as an entity.

In digital marketing, we send cold emails to potential businesses and individuals who might be interested in the service. These are entities that might need design work to upgrade not just the look of the product/service but also its brand as a whole.

Because design is everywhere, the demand for it is always high. The competitive market and labor force make the competition to stand out even harder, especially in this age that visuals really matter.


Push marketing strategy is usually used by startup businesses or new and emerging brands. These businesses need to build brand image and penetrate the market and in order to do so, they need their target customers to recognize them.

Push marketing is also used to those customers who are NOT actively seeking anything or aware of what they need. The job is to make them want or need your product or service. It’s all about persuasion or the fancier term for ‘push’.

Push marketing is commonly used to have successful short-term transactions and/or sales. But you may wonder what about for long-term and brand loyalty? Can this strategy be used alongside the pull strategy? Is it also effective for established brands? And what about doing the same thing at the same time?

We will learn all that in our next blog...

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