Marketing to the New Generation of Customers
Part 2: The Generation Z

Marketing to the New Generation of Customers Part 2: The Generation Z

Generation Zs, born 1997-2012, are the future.

By 2020, 40% of customers will be Gen Zs and reported having $44 billion buying power which can be multiplied into four times because Gen Zs also influence the buying power of their family.

This is why Gen Zs must not be undervalued. Marketers, after recalibrating their tools for Millennials, have to make changes to effectively attract this cohort.

Known as the ‘Digital Generation’, they set themselves apart from other generations when it comes to buying behavior. And yes, even to Millennials. Millennials and Gen Zs may have similar denominators like being exposed to technological advancements but still, they differ in thought-process and their attitude in the market.

This is another challenge for marketers. Here are some tips to get their attention:

1. Focus on Mobile and the use of Social Media.

Gen Zs grew up in the presence of mobile phones and smartphones. According to a survey conducted by IBM, 75% of Gen Zs use mobile/smartphones the most compared to other gadgets like a laptop or personal computer. So why not prioritize improving the mobile experience if most of the time Gen Zs eyes are glued down to their phones, right?

They are also known to be social media savvy, having at least one account to every social media platform out there. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, name it all. They have it.

A study by Response Media says that Gen Zs use Instagram to show their aspirational self, Twitter to get news, Snapchat to share real-life moments and Facebook to glean information. Also, it concluded that Instagram is the most effective platform for brand discovery.

2. Collaborate with Influencers and Content Creators.

Gone are the days where traditional celebrities like actors and personalities endorse products for the masses to consume. Well, it’s not effective for Gen Zs anymore. Like the Millennials, they know what’s marketing speak is and prefer basing their decision to influencers like vloggers and Youtubers who actually use the product and give an honest review. Research says that 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencers’ opinions more than celebrities.

Genuine content attracts Gen Zs. They are tired of scripted commercials and ungenuine endorsements from celebrities.

3. Be Authentic and Have a Cause.

The frequent use of modern technology and social media made Gen Zs socially aware. In the surge of information everywhere, one has no excuse to be unaware.

This fact made them ‘woke’, a modern term to those people who are socially, politically, and socio-economically educated and opinionated. Gen Zs are bold and courageous enough to speak up and share their opinions now that they have every platform to do so. And that is why they can call out brands who do not prioritize the welfare, for instance, the environment. A study by the National Retail Federation and IBM says that 55% of Gen Zs choose brands that are eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Gen Zs want brands to be something that they can look up to. They believe that what they consume is a representation of their values and beliefs. So, if brands start showing that they are more than what they sell, Gen Zs will appreciate them more.

Last, always practice what you preach!

4. Connect with them and value their privacy.

Gen Zs are all about meaningful connections. The put value to every product or service that they avail and they would appreciate it more if the brand or company also put a value to them or the customers.

Targeting them individually is an effective way of getting their attention as well as loyalty. In-Depth knowledge of this generation will help marketers carve marketing campaigns suited to their needs. Personalizing customer experience crucial for the company’s success.

Brands have to listen to the opinions of their customers since they are their boss. Note that every review or inquiry matters.

Additionally, Gen Zs value their privacy. They know that, in this age where we share almost everything online, they are vulnerable to crimes related to their privacy. Research says that 87% of Gen Zs think that keeping information private is more important than getting likes.

5. Make your content ‘bite-size’ and be fun.

With the average human attention span continuously decreasing, now at 8 seconds, you do not need to create looooong content to get the valuable attention of the Gen Zs.

They might be skipping that ad you are trying to launch most of the time. So, it’s important to keep it simple and straightforward. Also, be fun. Gen Zs are also known to be the ‘meme generation’ for their unique sense of humor. So, research those references that they can surely relate to.

Additionally, Gen Zs love video marketing. The combination of visuals, an audio and a story interest them and thus an effective platform for a campaign.

Every generation is diverse and unique on its own. It’s a big challenge for every marketer to continuously look for effective solutions designed to attend the needs and wants of every audience. Though one thing’s constant; companies should not only focus on creating ways to attract new generations of customers but also prioritize social responsibility and values and causes that shall benefit the community they are serving.

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