Here's How You Can Prolong The 8-Second Average Human Attention Span

Here's How You Can Prolong The 8-Second Average Human Attention Span

Imagine yourself having 75 tabs open on your computer, which one should you open first?

The point is, in this age of technology, information is everywhere - from phones, laptops, the Internet, social media, television, pop-up ads and a lot more.

A research conducted by Microsoft concluded that the average human attention span now is at 8 seconds, shorter than an innocent goldfish with nine. Additionally, a research from Jampp says that human attention span decreases by an appalling 88 percent every year.

With that short period of time, how can marketers sell their products and services, right? It would be hard for them to introduce the product, what it does, its importance, price, how to buy, etc. in an almost snap of a finger.

There are actually ways that can help the marketers to get the attention of the customers, some would prefer doing an unusual content or strategy and some would make an effort to make the customers ‘stay’. Here are some tips:

1. Try Video Marketing

Remember those advertisements that play when you click a YouTube Video? Can you recall the last time you did not skip an ad because the content was so engaging and interesting that you want to finish it?

Research says that the average viewed length of a video is 2.7 minutes. That’s way longer than eight seconds.

Humans may only have eight seconds for each content, but have 6 hours or maybe a whole day to binge-watch a TV show or a movie on Netflix.

The point is, it’s not just the attention span of humans are changing; it’s also our taste and perception. With the surge of information, we are becoming more and more selective about where we will put our attention.

It has been proven that videos are an effective way to catch that sought-after attention of target customers. Since videos have visuals, audio, and context, it is easier for humans to absorb information.

2. Follow the KISS Principle

Keep it simple, stupid. No, I didn’t mean that. But yeah, that’s what KISS stands for. Brevity is a must. Research by Nielsen found out that most people do not read content on the web but they scan it.

If you’re planning to fill your blog with complex data and lengthy articles, don’t. You have to catch their attention from the title or the first sentence of the copy. Also, simplify the words and avoid using jargon as it may confuse readers and potential customers. You can lose a potential stakeholder in just a simple inconvenience.

Always make it straight to the point. Sure, you can be creative and but always keep in mind that people don’t always have the time. So, be concise and clear!

3. Create Relevant and Interesting Content

Who doesn’t hate a clickbait content, right? defines ‘clickbait’, “describes misleading internet content or shocking headline titles that aim to drive traffic to a website.” It is meant to lure readers for uninteresting and irrelevant content. These kinds of content decrease a company’s credibility.

The key to catching that attention is providing relevant and interesting content. It may sound cliche but we can not stress enough that every company is already doing it. So, content creators always have to think outside the box to produce content that will exceed that eight-second average human attention span.

It shows how important it is to really know our customers so we can formulate content according to their tastes and interests. Think of something that they wouldn’t want to click that ‘Skip Ad’ button.

Fun fact, we are so distracted nowadays that we pick our phones 1,500 times a week and an average office worker checks his mail inbox 30 times every hour. That’s a lot!

Marketers, you can now calm down. You do not need to squeeze all the information for the eight-second limit. What you can do now is up your game for you the target customers pay more attention to your content and purpose.

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