Freelance Vs. CPO Vs. In-house

Freelance Vs. CPO Vs. In-house

With the amount of talented graphic designers in the Philippines, companies can have a hard time choosing the best and right for them. Will a freelance graphic designer can provide a good output? Or maybe a creative process outsourcing team can deliver better? Or maybe an in-house one would be worth investing?

Well, expect your questions to be answered as we provide you with each side with an explanation of the factors you should consider! Here’s your ultimate guide on looking/hiring your next graphic designer in the Philippines!

For Your Consideration:

Freelance: The cost of hiring a freelancer depends on the designer. Putting in the project's weight and the size of your company, the experience, and education of the graphic designer will surely add to the fee. This is where the dilemma comes in, would you hire a newbie for a cheaper cost or hire an experienced but charges expensive fee?

CPO: Outsourcing business functions have always been known to be cost-efficient. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing SurveyCost-efficiency has been the top reason of organizations why they outsource Applying principles of economics, there are a lot of business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines, and this makes the market competitive meaning creative process outsourcing companies will try to make their prices low while increasing the quality of their output.

In-house: Hiring an in-house graphic design team will surely cost a lot. Recruitment and selection process, training, equipment, office and space, and software and maintenance will definitely be on the list. Is it worth it? Are your projects really that voluminous? Or maybe outsourcing one would be more practical?


Freelance: Hiring a freelancer can be a little bit tricky because there’s no assurance that he/she will stick around. Talk about trust issues. Their availability depends on the volume of clients they have at the moment. They may talk wonders and good things on the negotiation phase but make sure to ask how loaded they are so you’ll know if you’ll be prioritized or not.

CPO: The good thing about creative process outsourcing in the Philippines is that they offer packages. If it’s a shared service, there will only be an amount of time allocated for your project. Full time will be full time. But the most common is hiring CPO in the Philippines is project-based, they will give their full time until the project is done and the client is delighted with the output.

In-house: They are always available since you can reach them whenever you want. But if there’s a huge volume of projects and campaigns, you may be needing help if you want everything to progress faster.


Freelance: Communication is very important with the employer and the freelancer. Most of the time, the employer has to explain everything needed and will do all the talking. There are little inputs from freelancer expected here but it doesn’t mean it’s not welcome. The employer has to explain everything, detail by detail so the freelance graphic designer will grasp the brand and the message needed to be delivered. Instructions must all be clear to produce a satisfying output.

CPO: CPO values communication and collaboration as much as they value their work. It is important for them to really learn the brand’s voice and message and of course the instructions of their partner. They value their own artistic expression and interpretation, but more than this, it should be their client and the client’s audience that tops their list.

In-house: In house design team is expected to have the most effective communication and collaboration since they already have no issue with proximity and availability. But this advantage also has its own consequences most of the time. We all know how office issues and politics can affect the team’s output. Sometimes problems in prioritizing tasks and requests may arise. These can even affect the work ethic of the design team, which can lead to an unsatisfying output.


Freelance: One can have a good grasp of the quality of work of a freelancer is through their portfolio and resume. Through these, you will see their competence, strengths, and weaknesses of the graphic designer and most importantly, you will somehow conclude if they can do the job or the project you have in mind.

CPO: An employer/partner can definitely assure a quality of work with a creative process outsourcing partner. Why? CPOs, in the first place, set their own standards and criteria on hiring their own team. Which of these applicants do they think can deliver the excellence their company is expected to deliver? Of course, they will not settle for mediocre talents as it's the company’s reputation is at stake.

In-house: Since it is in-house, you can somehow decide on the quality of personnel you will hire. Will you settle for newbies or experts? How about their salaries? Will it be worth investing in expensive talents who can deliver or not?

There we go. After explaining major factors for consideration, we hope you choose the best option in hiring your next graphic designer. If you still can’t decide, we can offer you a free design test on the project you have been itching to do! Write to us at to know more.

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