Design Trends in 2020

Design Trends in 2020

As the year comes to an end, we can also say goodbye to design trends that dominated the print and digital in 2019. We will welcome 2020 with fresh and maybe with some design trends from the past (making a comeback) to serve impactful and unforgettable visuals. So, say goodbye to those cheesy white men shaking hands kind of stock photos. It’s not that we condemn those who use stock photos but our customers are surely tired of it, worse if they’ve seen the same one in two different websites or material.

But before we discuss the trends, let us emphasize once more how important graphic design is to our business. Well, graphic design creates a “face” of the business that people remember. It is no secret that we see graphic design everywhere, from marketing materials to a business’s logo design. Without graphic design, the business will be faceless.

Going back to trends, 2020 will and shall be filled with:

1. Genuine and Neutral Stock Photos
We’ve had enough of those white men in business attire shaking hands in an office stock photo. As people crave genuineness in message and business purposes, this also applies to the visuals. A more neutral look will not overpower the message of the material.

2. Earth, Sky, and Its Colors
Going back to our roots and the planet, colors in 2020 will be in the muted shades of blue and earthy. Vintage or retro colors will also be in the trend.

3. 3D Realism and Surreal Photos
2D will have a decline this year, as 3D graphics is expected to dominate the world of graphic design.

4. Abstract and Geometric Illustrations
It seems like marketing and business materials in 2020 will not be very straightforward as abstract and geometric illustrations will boom.

5. Typography Trend
It’s not just about placing words and statements in random places in the layout but it is the art of letters and typeface. Surely, graphic designers and artists have their own reasons why they put this and this to this.

6. Monochrome
Single color in different tones will be massive in 2020.

7. Line Art and Simple Illustrations
The emergence of this trend is also anchored with the rise of minimalism.

Maintaining to be in vogue even in terms of graphic design is necessary to stay competitive in the global market. It’s not just the strategies and the campaign that should be dynamic and revolutionary but also its aesthetic appearance. After all, it’s the first thing that people see. So, graphic designers and artists, ready your wacoms and latest software as we embark on a new year with fresh designs and visuals.

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