9 Typography Trends in 2020

9 Typography Trends in 2020

As society rapidly changes lifestyle because of the influence of modern technology, what attracts or sparks their interest also changes. In business and graphic design, there are definitely trends that are now outdated. After bombarding the audience by almost the same fashion in design and typography in a particular year, surely, their interest would be harder to catch.

Previously, we’ve discussed the design trends that will dominate the business design surface. Now, we’re going more specific. Typography may be a whole new field but it is still part of graphic design, thus, has a great effect on the final output and how it will be perceived.

This year, there is a surge of a comeback of trends from the previous decades, and a little innovation but still referencing the classics. Here are the expected trends in typography this 2020.

1. Bold and Heavy Fonts / Maxi Typography This year, we expect designs to go all the way out. There are no longer in betweens. If you want to make it big, go bigger. Exaggeration aside, bold typefaces give the text or the content a personality aside from other design elements. It has its own life. Also, now that mobile is what everybody uses, you don’t want the audience to be frustrated because of smaller fonts.

2. Old School / Vintage What goes around, comes back around. Remember the opening credits of the Netflix TV show Stranger Things and how it revived the artsy vibe of the 80s and 90s? Indeed, it became a trendsetter in this coming decade. Neon characters and heavily spaced out letterforms will also be in trend.
The vintage feels invoke nostalgia, and that is actually why this trend will be effective for the modern audience. It will make them feel at home, remembering memories of the past, and those kinds of feelings or emotions will make you relatable as a brand.

3. Create Your Own If you’re confident enough with your creative pursuits as a brand, then maybe it’s time to create your own and not follow what others have created. Seems edgy, but it definitely shows your originality and capability as a brand. These qualities will further translate to reliability.
Big brands like Google and Amazon have launched their own type associated with their brand image.
What others do is they customize an existing typeface so they can incorporate themselves in the typography. From tweaking or straightening a curve or completely changing the style of a particular letter, it can make a huge difference.

4. Layering with Other Elements In typography, we are not just talking about fonts and typefaces. Layering with other elements is a sure trend this year. Would you believe that this trend was inspired by memes you see everyday in social media? Yes.
The design is more eye-catching when the type is overlaid onto an image. Of course, contrast should be prioritized or else, it will destroy everything.
Remember to not compromise readability when layering.

5. Handwritten What’s more personal than a handwritten letter, right? Its wholesomeness and friendly feel are a positive vibe you’d want to impart to your audience.
Tell your story in the most intimate way. To be more specific, brush fonts are on the rise. It can bring more life to your design than any other style.

6. Minimalist Even in the previous decade, minimalism was a trend, and it successfully maintained its status this year. Now that people have shorter attention spans, they have no patience absorbing designs that have a lot of elements. Chic and no-nonsense are synonymous with minimalist design, thus looking more professional and clean.
This trend can be seen in those materials that have wide spaces, negative spaces, removed eyes and crossbars of letterforms to create spacious shapes. It may be ‘less’ but it actually stresses out its importance.

7. Left Alignment It is true the left alignment is actually the norm for us. We read, starting from the left. But in the past years, designers have been experimenting in the alignment.
This year, left-aligned text will evoke a classic feel, thus building a sense of trust to the viewers. Pay attention to line breaks and the size of the text and think of it as a single element in the design.

8. Rounded Serifs It’s common knowledge among designers that rounded serifs are one of the most readable typefaces out there. Yes, it might be simple and unnoticeable at first, but remember that the message of the content or design shall be delivered immediately. You don’t want to distract your audience with the typeface you used.

9. Animated Type If giving a life to the text is a trend, why not make it move? Animated type is the love-child of animation and typography. This is to lead the audience in to a more interactive and greater user experience.
Well, of course, we can’t do this trend in print design, so might as well consider which medium you will use. It will work on digital campaigns, web design, mobile experience and such.
It is important to note to be meticulous in the process of animation. Always consider the speed, it can distract the viewers and disrupt the delivery of the message.

Design is ever evolving, and there are just a few of the big and influential brands who can set or destroy a trend. But since a lot of us are just starting, we are safe if we follow these unwritten rules.

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