9 Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer in the Philippines

9 Things to Consider When Hiring a Graphic Designer in the Philippines

Creative needs of an organization may seem limitless since everything is continuously growing, innovating and competing among their peers in their own industries. All are vying for the attention of their targeted audience that is expected to be converted into leads. In this competitive industry and with numerous talents lurking around, it’s hard to pick the best one who could resonate with your brand through the power of visuals. Here, we’ll give you nine things you should consider if you are hiring a graphic designer in the Philippines.

1. Your Project This is where everything starts. Answers to questions like how big the project is, how much budget is allocated, what are the specific objectives needed to be met, how much is the duration, will you need a full-time or a project-based designer and others, shall be cleared and discussed.

2. Experience and Portfolio Examining the resume of the graphic designer can tell something. But how can you prove those? A portfolio can give you half of the story of how a designer works. You can examine his aesthetics and how they convey the content’s message visually. Did it meet your expectations? Is it enough for your brand? Though, your decision-making shouldn’t only be based on the portfolio/resume alone. There are other things that still need to be considered, which we’ll talk about below.

3. Forte You can see their forte through their portfolio. If not, you can ask them and if it is what you need, for instance, a design for a flyer for your marketing campaign. If the graphic designer’s forte is print design then he/she is one step ahead of the applicants. Through that, you can maximize the quality of the output, right? Who would want to hire a graphic designer who is somewhat foreign to what you need?

4. Accessibility Communication between the client and the designer is important. Thus, the designer must be easily accessible for information, revisions, instructions, and such. Will you be doing the project away? How’s their Internet connection (if ever the transaction will be made online)?

5. Trial Project / Design Test If the food products have ‘free taste’, the graphic design service has a design test or trial project. This is another way to test the graphic designer’s capability, view their train of thought, and see if it fits you.

6. Rates Indeed, budget constraints can hinder you from getting a quality output. Always factor the budget you can allocate for the graphic design needs and make sure it meets the expectation of the designer.

7. Workload A good designer has surely got a list of loyal clients. A heavy workload can be a sign of the graphic designer’s competence in their field. Though, a lot of employers miss this because they are easily swayed by the designer’s skills. A full workload may be a good social proof, but can they handle the task you’re about to give? Or maybe they’re all just talk and promises.

8. Short Interview Through a short interview you’ll be able to see what’s beyond the designer’s resume and portfolio on how they think, what are their inspiration, their work ethic and behavior that will surely be a factor on their aesthetics and your brand. Will they be a good representation of your brand?

9. Testimonials/Reviews This might be one of those who will get the biggest percentage on the criteria of who should be your [brand’s] designer. Through what other people [colleagues, previous clients, superiors, peers and such] statements, you can see different perspectives on their work and shall be one of the key determinants of how they actually work.

Hiring a graphic designer in the Philippines is not an easy process. If you want someone who could effectively resonate your brand’s message to your target audience and transform your ideas into reality, you must consider the things above. Those are few but an effective set of criteria on the search for not just the best but the right graphic designer. Have a project in mind? We’ll be thrilled to know about that! Write to us at virtuoso@athl.com.hk.

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